BotsWorkshop Blog: Workshop Blues

This is a blog post from my other site which I am letting expire:

In my head I thought I could bang this out in a small amount of time. Making a post from a beach log.

After I setup the center line on the ends of the log, I forgot the important step to connect them to check for curving and a sanity check. But I went ahead and snapped the lines for the posts edges and they went wild.

When you’re working in the shop you need to keep in check of your emotions.  I wasn’t feeling well that day and so I put down the tools and walked away.   The only problem is I haven’t made it back.

Welcome to Bots Workshop!

Hi I’m Billy Baker.   I created to share my ideas and experience working with computers, electronics, and art. 

I have always loved to tinker and create things, sometimes they are just computer programs, or just a small electronic gadget, or a piece of art.  When the three of these come together is when the magic happens.   The idea comes to life and inspires more creative projects.  

My day to day work is technical support for a university, and I love to share my expertise and solve problems.   This web site is an extension of that work, and a channel to bring out the artist in me.

This is not a portfolio of my work though, I want to share my projects with you, so you can take them and develop your own master pieces.  I will do my best to make the projects accessible, easy-to-follow, and functional. 

This site is also a blog for me to share what I am working on and what I am excited about.   The blog may be a bit of a mess at times, but this is all part of the project building process, getting dirty, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

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