Day 0 of 100 days of code

I’m looking for something to do when I’m tired after a long day of work. Usually I’m exhausted, and after making dinner for the family I struggle to do something productive. At work I need a language skill, and I really don’t want to rely on PowerShell.

When I’m looking to learn a new tech skill I like to check out courses on Udemy. Today I found 100 days of Python by Dr Angela Yu.

What I liked about this course is that I should be able to commit to 1 hour per day. The trick to developing a new habit is to make it easy on yourself. I can spend a little time while at work to look over the days material and think about how to solve the problems. After dinner I can give another 30 minutes to finish up the days work.

The first day I solved some python syntax puzzles for the print and input commands. Concatenating strings with the + operator. Type casting with int() and str() commands.

When I sat down this evening I didn’t think I could muster the energy. But listening to music and starting something new is the easy part. Doing a daily exercise is going to be tougher. To keep myself accountable, I’m posting to my WordPress blog. They recommend Twitter, but that is to much of a distraction. My sosh media game is at level zero, my blogging level is at least a 2. I will try with this course to interact with other 100 days of coders, but that is extra. First let’s get through a week of lessons.

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