WordPress Godot Web Game Plugin

Godot Game Engine is a free and open platform for making games. Some people use unity to make 3d and 2d games. Other people like me are learning Godot. Find out more at https://godotengine.org

I want to host games I create on my WordPress blog. I know I could add a static page and load the game that way, and it would be easier. I do want to eventually make an income from my games and having the game integrated into WordPress would allow for more control over who plays and how they play my games.

Why do I want control?
* to present the game with navigation buttons to browse the site
* observe who is playing the games
* receive feedback on games in the comments section
* protect my game assets
* create communication channel with players
* potentially make this plugin available to other indie game developers

I will make a demo available if/when I have one. For now this will be a space to record my progress.

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